Good wine, good cheer!

Beverages are the motor of every event. We also want wine lovers with special wishes and looking for an alternative to our all-in beverage charges to be able to enjoy top-quality wines with us.

You would prefer to choose the perfect wine for your event yourself? In this case, we would suggest that you arrange a wine tasting session with our partner, Kölner Weinkeller - a wine cellar without match anywhere in the Rhineland. The brick-lined vaults are located at a depth of 13 metres below ground, making them unique and turning every wine tasting here into a special event. With almost 3,000 square metres of space, the cellar houses some 150,000 bottles of wine of countless types and vintages, stored under perfect conditions. Expert advisers will meet with you in advance in the Kölner Weinkeller for a wine tasting session and assist you in choosing the right wine for your event. Apart from the selling price of the wine, we will only charge a corkage fee of €15 net per opened bottle on the day of the event for our gastronomic service.


List of beverages: